Are Summit Bites easy to make?

Couldn't be easier! Simply add 2 tablespoons of oil (any kind you like, we prefer canola), 3 tablespoons of honey and a bit of water and mix it all up. Press mixture into a 8x8 pan and bake.

What if I don't want to add oil?

The healthy fats in our Summit Bites come from nuts and coconut, and from the oil that you add. If you prefer, you can substitute 2 tablespoons of applesauce for the oil.

Is this a vegan product?

The mix itself is vegan, but the recipe calls for honey, which is not. We suggest replacing the honey with Agave Nectar if you prefer a vegan product.

Is Summit Bites Fruit & Nut Mix organic?

While we are not yet USDA organic certification, all of the ingredients in our Summit Bites Mix are USDA certified organic.

What if I want more protein, fiber etc.?

Go on and add a scoop or two! Whether its protein powder, flax seed or chocolate chips that you crave, this mix can handle it.

Do I have to make the whole batch at once?

Summit Bites Mix is meant to be made all at once, and will store for 2-3 weeks without refrigeration in an airtight container or bag. They will keep for a few months if frozen, and they thaw out in about 15 minutes.

Additional Questions?

Please have a look through our site to learn about our company and our products. And always feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.


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