It all started on a trip to New Zealand for my sister's wedding. I found these amazing biscuits for my then two-year old son and he devoured them - they were filled with oats and dried fruits, which was great, but they also had lots of butter and refined sugars and were basically just a glorified cookie. Determined to create a healthier version, I set out on a year-long quest to create a healthy, fresh tasting whole food bar that my family would love. I developed the recipe using the finest ingredients and found them even tastier than the original version, and so much more nutritious! The bars were such a hit with family and friends, I decided to open Plum Creek Gourmet to share my mixes with a wider audience. Now we offer a variety of Summit Bites Fruit & Nut Bar Mix, as well as Natural Vanilla Sugars.


Leigh Laughlin 
Plum Creek Gourmet